NEW WORK now posted for 2016. Animals seem to be wanting some stage space this year. A series of 5 ft + paintings are in process. Very excited about what’s happening in the studio these days. I plan to have them completed by the spring. I will post the next retreat in early February. It’s in Santa Fe. It’s about color and story. Stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to know.

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2016 Calendar of Animals

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“A Year of Animal Magic” Calendar 2016 is here!

I have been ever so addicted to sketching animals late at night. It’s become a thing. First just for fun. But people wanted more. The first calendar batch sold out quickly. The second batch is available right after Christmas. Subscribe to get the news immediately.

My Article in Mabel Mag


Mabel Magazine Issue #2

“Wings Grown From Dirt” Travel narration through San Francisco and the southwest. The A-story (the one I told myself) and the B-story (what actually happened) is out there for you to read. Order your copy today.

New Work 2016


Cats, Goats, Dogs, Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits. Oh my!

I paint in story scenes but do not find out the story until after the painting is done. I think these animals have a thing or two to say but I am the last to know.
Check them out!

We ate, shopped, painted and wrote our hearts out in Cortona, Italy June 11-17. Check out the Tuscany retreat page to see a few pics.

  • Seeing the results of your happiness project (including the fact that it has made you happy) helped me get moving and experimenting. I'm taking you as a role model for re-defining parts of the services I offer in my business and also for re-arranging how I use my personal time and energy.

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    Deborah Gavrin Frangquist

    Career Coach
  • I really love the excerpts you chose and the way you wove them into this piece. I love how the words seem to create the foundation, the earth in this picture, and put people into it, while your colors create the sky, the air, the light. This has a lovely earthy quality, like Cheryl Strayed's prose.

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    WM Rine

    A Big Star {to me} -- On Love and Forgiveness
  • It’s gorgeous, Niya. Just so lovely. I am honored to be included.

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    Cheryl Strayed

    Author of
  • LOVED your book – and your beautiful visual interpretation!

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    Ellisa Valo

    Avid Reader and Follower of 365 Painting Stories
  • Your daily dose of artistic musings are not only fun for the senses but they also help me to stay centered on the idea of creating, creating, creating.

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    Daily Reader of 365 Story Paintings
  • Love your story cards and your new book preview -- you are extraordinary! I want that book.

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    An Avid Reader and Fan - And Vermonter!