Welcome to my little slice of heaven. We are off to a grand fall with new book events and the latest release of The Art of Daily Cultivation in softcover. Don’t you love a gluten-free colorful cake? How about bunny butts? If so, check out the 7 {squared} series—new holiday gift books with a twist. Subscribe to connect with the new releases and claim your free gift. 

Fall Article Release

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Mabel Magazine Article: Own it!

“Wings Grown From Dirt” This article takes you with me as I traveled 365 painting stories through San Francisco and the southwest. The article exposes a raw story of owning the project in the midst of big imperfections.

Upcoming Events

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Featured Author

  The Art of Daily Cultivation: 365 Story Paintings Book Celebration

November 12, 7 pm. Sacred Grounds, 2095 Hayes San Francisco Ca. 415-387-3859

The Art of Daily Cultivation


Now in Softcover!

Yay, it’s here. It’s the same size and museum quality product as the hardback book. New: Readers experiences cited on the back of the book.  Oh joy! To the store … 

7 {squared} titles coming so very soon you'll hear the air whisk past your nose.
And after that, your toes. These books like to fly.

Cakes of Color


Have you ever wanted a moist, gluten free cake with exactly the right amount of sweet and charm to offer guests? If you are crazy for color each of the 7 cakes offers a primer on the color of the cake as well as an illustration from the Food & Wine portion of The Art of Daily Cultivation 365 Project.  Releases by late November, just in time for Christmas. 

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Bodacious Bunny Butts

Bunny Butt - in Field

They purr, they snore, some even will lick your whole face like a dog because they love you. Yet, they are more misunderstood than  brussels sprouts and five times cuter. Let’s face it we all have a thing or two to learn about rabbit folk. This small stack book has hard facts and soft butts. A wonderful gift for anyone adopting a rabbit as a pet. Releases in time for Christmas.

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Curious Contagious Coffee

coffee Drawing150NIYA

Ever feel in a rut with coffee making ideas at home? I think the world has a lot of coffee wisdom to offer us. This small stack book is your illustrated global coffee recipe weapon against boredom. Keep it warm and it will give steamy delight in all seasons — recipes adorned and cheered on in a portable museum of coffee art. Released in early winter.

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Darn the foodie books aren’t out yet? When?
  • Seeing the results of your happiness project (including the fact that it has made you happy) helped me get moving and experimenting. I'm taking you as a role model for re-defining parts of the services I offer in my business and also for re-arranging how I use my personal time and energy.

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    Deborah Gavrin Frangquist

    Career Coach
  • I really love the excerpts you chose and the way you wove them into this piece. I love how the words seem to create the foundation, the earth in this picture, and put people into it, while your colors create the sky, the air, the light. This has a lovely earthy quality, like Cheryl Strayed's prose.

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    WM Rine

    A Big Star {to me} -- On Love and Forgiveness
  • It’s gorgeous, Niya. Just so lovely. I am honored to be included.

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    Cheryl Strayed

    Author of`` WILD``, contributor to ``The Art of Daily Cultivation``
  • LOVED your book – and your beautiful visual interpretation!

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    Ellisa Valo

    Avid Reader and Follower of 365 Painting Stories
  • Your daily dose of artistic musings are not only fun for the senses but they also help me to stay centered on the idea of creating, creating, creating.

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    Daily Reader of 365 Story Paintings
  • Love your story cards and your new book preview -- you are extraordinary! I want that book.

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    An Avid Reader and Fan - And Vermonter!